Kuchipudi dance classes are open to all ages and all levels of experience..
Kids should be 6 yrs or older to be able to join.

The courses offered are:

LEVEL 1: (Beginners)
This course introduces students to the traditional classical dance Kuchipudi.
• Basic foot steps (Adavus)
• Advanced steps
• Jathis
• Slokas
• Basic hand gestures
• Neck, Eye, Eyebrow movements
• Paada bedhas

LEVEL 2: (Intermediate)
This course is offered to students as an introduction to Abhinayam. In this level we also teach the basics of theory Natyothpatthi and origin of Kuchipudi Natyam based on Natyasastram and Abhinayadarpanam. Detailed study about all mudras is covered as well.
• Puja Nrityam
• Jatiswaram
• Sabdham
• Keerthana

LEVEL 3: (Advanced)
This course introduces advanced theory as part of the complete study of Dasvathara, and Navagraha Hastas, Navarasas, Nayika Nayaka bedhas and Ashta vidha nayikas and their usage in Kuchipudi.
• Bhamakalapam
• Thillana
• Taranagam
• Slokam
• Astapadi
• Padam or Javali

LEVEL 4: (Choreography)
This course introduces choreography, Deeper study of Natyasastram and techniques of Abhinayam.Students are required to complete projects on choreography.
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